The #1 Realtor

In this week’s rant, we’re talking about the #1 Realtor. Now we’ve all seen this billboards and bus ads all over the region. If you’re like me, how is it possible that there could be that many #1 Realtors. Shouldn’t there only be one #1?

Well, let’s shed a little light onto the bending of statistics or twisting of the truth that we typically see in the real estate community. The next time you come across one of these #1 Realtor ads, you’ll see an asterisk beside it. That asterisk is intended to qualify or quantify what the Realtor is saying. We’re required to do this by law. So when you read further down the ad, usually the asterisk is down there along with very fine print. That fine print will read something along the lines of, “#1 Realtor at ABC Realty” or “#1 Realtor in 2008”. Let’s be honest, do we really care that you rocked back in 2008? I had a pretty awesome mullet when I was 8 years old but you don’t still see me talking about it, do you? (watch the video to check out Curt’s mullet) 

This is a big issue with a lot of these Realtors making these claims. Every time I see these ads, there are two people that come to my mind, Donald Trump and Ron Burgundy from the Anchor Man.

Donald Trump’s notorious for always making remarks about how rich he is and how much money he’s made. While Ron Burgundy brags about how he’s kind of a big deal and people know him. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch my rant video for clips of reference.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think it would be pretty sweet to have Ron Burgundy as your agent until it comes time to do the paperwork. Another great example of this is, the other day I saw a bus ad that said “#1 Realtor in Kitchener Waterloo”. I looked at it and I didn’t recognize the name. I was wondering who this guy was. If I didn’t know him or I’ve never heard of him, how could he be #1 Realtor in Kitchener Waterloo? I got back to my office and I decided to look him up. It turns out that he’s a one-man show. That means there’s only one employee at this brokerage and it’s him. In all honesty, I guess he’s not misleading people because he is the #1 Realtor at that brokerage. But to say that you’re the #1 Realtor in KW and put a little asterisk down people that qualifies it by saying “at such and such brokerage”. Come on people, this is getting a little ridiculous.

This is one of the problems that you need to really be careful with. Make sure you question any of these claims that you’re seeing. A lot of times, I find them to be twisted and not exactly the whole truth. If you want someone who will be honest with you and not fabricate statistics, give us a call!

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