How to Properly Use a Roundabout

Roundabout’s!  I know there are many drivers out there that cringe at the word. My aunt specifically tries at all costs to avoid them adding considerable time  and distance to her trips in an effort to evade these pesky intersections.  Roundabout’s are not new, they have been in the Waterloo Region since 2004 yet it still amazes me how many people have no clue how to use these circular intersections.

The biggest frustration for me is the NON SIGNALER. We cannot read your mind people you need to indicate with your blinker which direction you intend to go.

Here is an excellent video of how to properly signal in a roundabout. If you are guilty of not signaling- please watch. If you signal properly, please like this post and send it on to some of our non-signaling friends.

Drive Safe!