The #1 Realtor

In this week’s rant, we’re talking about the #1 Realtor. Now we’ve all seen this billboards and bus ads all over the region. If you’re like me, how is it possible that there could be that many #1 Realtors. Shouldn’t there only be one #1? Click here to read more

Bad Real Estate Photos

Let’s be honest, not everyone can capture great photos. Pictures are worth a thousand words and we’ve seen some pretty bad photos on that agents are posting. If you know they’re bad, than why are you uploading them?! Just cut it out, don’t do it, you’re making the rest of us look bad. Click here to read more


Roundabout’s!  I know there are many drivers out there that cringe at the word. My aunt specifically tries at all costs to avoid them adding considerable time  and distance to her trips in an effort to evade these pesky intersections. Click here to read more