Ontario Bans Door-To-Door Sales

As of March 1, 2018, certain products and services can no longer be offered or sold at your home unless you initiate the transaction (for example, by calling or emailing a business and asking them to come to your home). There are some exceptions if you call for repairs or already have a contract in place.

These restricted products and services include:

  • furnaces
  • air conditioners
  • air cleaners
  • air purifiers
  • water heaters
  • water treatment devices
  • water  purifiers
  • water filters
  • water softeners
  • duct cleaning services
  • any good or service that performs or combines one or more of the above functions

Exceptions for repairs or if you already have a contract

Businesses will be able to enter into a contract at your home if you contacted them ahead of time and invited them to your home for the purpose of buying or leasing one of the restricted products and services.

If you call for a repair, maintenance, an energy assessment, or any reason other than entering into a contract for one of these items the business cannot enter into a new contract with you and will only be able to leave information about the products and services they offer.

If you already have a written and effective contract in place with a business, they can still contact you by phone, schedule a visit to your home for any reason you request, including repairs and maintenance, and enter into a new contract. However, the business must tell you if they plan to offer you one of the restricted products and services before visiting your home and you must agree to hear their offer before they can do so.

All businesses providing restricted products and services will be required to:

  • maintain records for three years of how contact was made with consumers for the contract
  • add a mandatory cover page informing consumers of their rights
  • make sure any marketing materials that are left at your home do not contain misleading information

After you enter into a contract

Once you have a written copy of the contract, you still have a 10-day cooling-off period to cancel a contract, for the restricted products or services, for any reason.
If you sign a contract, for a restricted product and service, as a result of door-to-door marketing or due to misleading marketing materials left at your home, the contract will be considered void and you can keep the goods or services without obligation.

If the contract is cancelled and you are charged penalties or fees from third parties (for example, for removing the product) the business is required to reimburse you for those charges.

Water heater sales and rentals

Since businesses will no longer be allowed to sell unsolicited door-to-door water heater contracts, a number of rules on water heater suppliers will no longer be needed as of March 1, 2018, such as:

  • businesses no longer need to make verification calls after they enter into a supplier-initiated water heater contract and the cooling-off period for water heater contracts will be 10 days instead of 20 days, the same as other restricted products and services, and there will be no waiting period required for installation

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