This neighbourhood offers some beautiful, historic century homes built as early as the late 1880’s as well as some great bungalows and 1 1/2 storey homes built in the mid 1950’s that can make great starter and retirement homes. Typically full brick buildings, many with separate detached garages that sometimes even have hydro. Expect to see single driveways, but driveways that are very long and narrow which can accommodate many cars. These Victorian homes offer old world charm with front covered verandas, separate dining and living rooms, walk up attics and sometimes upper level balconies. The smaller bungalows and storey and half properties can offer private, mature backyards and sometimes in-law suites in the basements with separate entrances. Look for hardwood under the carpeting in these types of houses. Also double check the wiring in this neighbourhood. There is a potential for old knob and tube wiring to as well as smaller fuse panels which should be upgraded to breaker panel required for the higher electrical loads of modern conveniences such as big screen TVs and computers. Enjoy shopping on foot with close proximity to Uptown Waterloo, Downtown Kitchener, Central Fresh Market, transit and even Tim Horton’s.
Grab your coffee on your walk to Grand River Hospital, Sun Life or Breithaupt Park.