Hi, my name is Jonathan Knight.

I have worked in Real Estate in Kitchener / Waterloo for almost 10 years. I started my working life in Toronto as a Non-linear editor for film and television, eventually changing careers to work as an IT Manager for a firm on Bay st. in Toronto. When I met my wife, Jennifer, we decided that Toronto wasn’t where we wanted to raise a family, so we moved to Waterloo and I started working as a Realtor at Re/Max Twin City with my in-laws, Al and Arlene Shousterman (who have worked in real estate locally for 40 years each!)

Working with such experienced agents gave me a real advantage over a lot of people who come into the business blind – learning the ins and outs of a very complex business. I helped them with my experience with web technology and it was a good synergy. Al and I worked with a large builder and I gained a knowledge of new home construction sales, as well as negotiation skills that I use daily. I met Curt and Erin and decided that I wanted to branch out on my own, with the feeling that a smaller more-boutique style of firm matched my personality and would offer my clients what they truly needed from a real-estate transaction.

I have many other interests in addition to my work life. I have worked as a professional musician since I was 17 and have 3 albums released with my band Soulstack (you can often see us play locally). I have toured extensively and seen some beautiful places, played to some amazing audiences and met many great people.
Additionally I perform as a member of the Lulu’s Roadhouse Band, which is always a blast! Keeping a balance of artistic pursuit in my life has always been the key to my sanity as a Realtor.

I co-founded a company, which I have since sold, called AGS Environmental, which specializes in Asbestos, UFFI, Mould and Lead Paint abatement, so my experience in many of the hazards which we encounter dealing with older homes has been invaluable. Feel free to ask me any time about these things.

I live in Beechwood with my wife and two little girls Stella (age 7) and Hazel (4) who make it wonderful to come home to, even if this business sometimes keeps me up late! I look forward to working with you.