We walk the talk!

At Knight Realty, we are investors too. We know the power an investment property has to your grow net worth. When you’re working with an experienced Realtor who understands the investment market, you already have the upper hand. Sales representatives that are knowledgeable on investment properties are aware of the investment trends. They can advise you on CAP rates and ROI, market rents, building code compliance, development trends and up and coming neighbourhood just to name a few. With Knight Realty, our clients not only grew their net worth, but they expand their investment knowledge by working with the best. 

Working with a dedicated agent

Our professionals are dedicated to helping you find the best investment property that not only adds value to you but suits your needs as well. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a townhouse for student housing or a multi-residential apartment building, we have all the required tools to find the perfect investment property for you.

Our dedicated agents
  • Know what type and where to buy the best investment properties depending on your investment criteria
  • Monitor vacancy rates and average market rents
  • Analyze key variables such as cash flow and return on investments for each property our client is interested in
  • Are investors and are active in the investment market, ensuring they aren’t missing anything from the investment process
  • Advise from a position of experience and knowledge
  • Study the market constantly to provide current and relevant data
Additional services to aid investors
  • Support finding suitable and reliable tenants
  • Provide, screen and review rental applications
  • Perform credit checks (maximum of 3 per transaction)
  • Provide a property cash flow spreadsheet template

Investing with certainty

Whether you’re a first-time investor looking to get into the industry or you’ve mastered the investment niche, at Knight Realty, we’ll help you purchase your next investment property with certainty. Our team and staff are equipped with all the necessary tools to handle the most complex deals, properties, negotiations and tenants. With years of experience in investing in the region, we can ensure you are buying the right kind of investment.