Agents you can trust

When it comes to investments, bonds, stocks, etc. we rely on professionals that are knowledgeable in the industry and who are looking out for our best interest. Why wouldn’t you do the same when you’re making one of the biggest purchases of your life? When it comes to purchasing a home, buyers don’t often understand the advantages of working with an experienced agent. If your sales representative is only booking showings for potential properties that you’ve liked with no other advice or input, he or she isn’t looking after your best interest. Our team of professionals are the trusted, knowledgeable and best advisors that will help you make an informed buying decision each and every step of the way.

As a Knight client, we work to understand you before finding the right home for you.

Curious about working with a Knight Realty agent?

Before we begin the home search, our agents arrange a buyer chat with you. What is a buyer chat? A buyer chat is basically the first date with someone you’ve just met or a blind date if we’ve never met. This is where you and one of our professionals can figure out if we are a good fit. This allows our team to set expectations and an action plan to help you find the best home within a timeframe that suits your deadline.

Working with a dedicated agent

If you’re house hunting on, you’re actually seeing just a percentage of homes that are available. At Knight Realty, our professionals truly understand your needs and wants in a home; we look at the bigger picture. We are continuously nurturing our relationships with investors, developers, past clients and the rest of the realtor community. By nurturing these relationships, we know what properties will be on sale today, next week or in the near future. Whether your next home is already on the market or coming soon, our team is on a dedicated search to find the right home at the right price for you.

Our dedicated agents

  • Follow the internal MLS system daily (it’s the first thing we open when we’re in the office)
  • Share upcoming listings to our office and the realtor community
  • Knowledgeable in the market – What are the desirable areas? Where are the best schools? Is that a good price? How can I win in multiple offers?
  • Educate themselves continuously in order to provide the most accurate and recent knowledge
  • Communicate with our clients – we text, chat, email, DM on Facebook or Instagram and we even talk on the phone! We always have the time and answers you need
  • We work as a team – with multiple skill sets and expertise, we’ll match you with the right agent to help you get what you want and one of us is always available to answer your questions if that agent is tied up
  • Are supported by a brokerage whose first priority is serving our clients with the utmost satisfaction

By working with one of our agents, you are guaranteed that our professionals are local and know and understand why Kitchener Waterloo is an amazing city to call home. When working with an out-of-town sales representative, he or she only has the same access as you. You’re house hunting on, Kijiji, PropertyGuys, etc. They don’t have the knowledge or information you’ll be asking when you find ‘the one’ online.

Check out our blog on Out-of-Town Buyer Representation here.

Buying with knowledge

We cannot stress enough that knowledge is power! At Knight Realty, we believe the best way of helping our clients succeed in a home purchase is by educating them. Our sales team ensures that your purchasing decision is made with absolute confidence.

As our clients, we’ll educate you on:

  • The Market – Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? When is a good time to buy? What is the inventory and absorption rate? If it’s a hot market, how can I win a bidding war?
  • Areas and Neighbourhoods – What are the demographics of a certain neighbourhood and what are the pros and cons of living there?
  • Schools, Recreation and Shopping – We live here, we know the area. What are the top rated schools? Where are the best parks? Where are the trendy places to go?
  • Construction and Home Design – We have an in-depth knowledge of construction and we can help you identify potential problems long before we get to the home inspection stage.