Curt Knight, Co-founder & Broker of Record

My name is Curt Knight. I am from a small rural community west of KW called Belgrave. I attended high school in this small farming community and then later went to the University of Western Ontario in London. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Geography with an emphasis on land use development and urban planning. I then attended teachers college in Australia at the University of Wollongong. After completing the teaching program I returned to Ontario to find a teaching job. I quickly realized that teaching jobs were few in far between. While attending university in Australia I started doing a lot of reading on real estate investing which piqued my interest. After little success on the teaching job hunt, a friend and I decided to buy a flip house borrowing money from our parents to come up with the downpayment.

After 4 months and a lot of sweat equity (we did almost all the work ourselves) we ended up selling the home for a $30,000 dollar profit. Keep in mind that was split between the 2 of us. When we factored the hours we put in we probably made about $10/hour, but gained a ton of experience.

I decided then and there that real estate investing was the path for me. I did some quick math on how much the agent we used made on the deal and realized that if I got my license, not only could we save on commissions we could also get an “insider edge” on finding new properties.

Being in my mid 20’s and very naïve I set out to get my real estate license not really looking into everything associated with it. 12 months later I was licensed and quickly realized that maintaining a license is very expensive. I needed to sell some houses in order to afford my license. So this was my path to becoming a realtor. Now almost 10 years later my wife and I along with our colleagues Heather and Suzanne run a very successful real estate brokerage and Erin & I have grown our real estate investment portfolio to 7 rental properties. My goal of being a real estate investor hasn’t changed, but along the way we have really enjoyed helping our clients realize the potential real estate has in growing their net worth.

Our extensive knowledge of construction as well as knowing the ins and outs of the rental market brings a lot of value to our clients through assisting them in their own investments whether it is that first rental property or what upgrades to do to their home to net them the best return.